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As a Tool Handle Manufacturer we understand the need for quality production. We are able to manufacture handles out of a variety of products. We are very experienced in the production of Wood handles for a variety of tools. A tool handle needs to be solid and dependable. As a UK manufacturer we always aim for quality and customer satisfaction. We are a local supplier and always available to speak with should you have any questions. We are able to produce small or large scale projects, and can also give advice on any bespoke products which you would like further information on.

We are a responsible and professional manufacturer. Always working to deliver the best quality materials and products to ensure our quality standards are always met to the highest level. With experienced traditional hand turning professionals we are able to manufacture anything from single items to larger production quantities. We are able to offer you a choice from our own range of turnings however we are happy to produce to your specification and design. Due to our many years experience we have refined our technique of paying attention to every element of detail and produce products which are hand finished to retain maximum detail.

Dependant on the style, colour and finish you are looking for, we can produce products in most available timbers such as Pine, Oak and Beech. All timber products are suitable for items such as Stair Parts , Tool Handles, Wooden Components & Kitchen Base Unit Turnings to name a few. After the manufacturing process has happened we will advise you on one of the most important things you can do to protect your tool handles after you have purchased them and that is to store the tools inside away from damp conditions.

It's a great shame when good tools are left in bad conditions and this causes the wood to crack or rot making them unfit for purpose. It is easy to identify when a tool handle has been weathered, colour changes, wood grain opens up, leaving a rough surface. Tool handles can also warp if left out in the weather and cause large crack which can pinch your skin the next time you need to use them. If continually moist and damp, handles can suffer from mildew and rot, a great waste. To show your tools respect and ensure they last for several years always store them inside. Storing tools on the wall of the garage or tool shed will also help. Whenever possible tools should not be left on the ground.

Contact the Midlands best Tool Handle Manufacturer on 01543 481245 to speak to one of our professional and experienced members of the team. Alternatively please email the team at and we will get back to all enquiries.

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Tool Handle Manufacturer